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Mileage runs from SLC

Suggest your own mileage runs in the comments at the bottom of the page. We will give you credit for the submission if it makes it into the top mileage run list and from time to time give away prizes to the best mileage runners. We will attempt to verify all submissions.
Destination    Route    MQMs Earned    PPM (YMMV*)
1-5k MQMs
JFK SLC-JFK-SLC 3,966 $.07
20k+ MQMs
* This is the lowest Price-Per-Mile fare I have been able to find. Getting the cheapest fare requires being flexible, traveling during low seasons and sometimes planning ahead (although at times there are also great last-minute rates if you are able to pickup and go without warning)

A few years ago I was on a flight to JFK when I first met a true "mileage runner." He traveled a lot for business but would intentionally make his trips as inefficient as possible to ensure he maximized his "flown miles," or MQM in Delta-speak.

I couldn't understand why somebody would subject themselves to this but he explained to me the basics of the different Delta medallion levels and why he was willing to spend so much time in the pursuit of Diamond status. I still think that true mileage-running (where the traveler flies somewhere and turns around and takes the first flight home) is a waste of time and energy. If you're going to go all the way there you might as well spend a couple of days!

When you will arrive at 11PM in HKG anyway
About a year ago I needed to take a trip for work and had appointments on a Wednesday in Shenzhen, China. The problem was that I couldn't leave on Sunday (and fares are usually cheaper on Monday anyway) so I didn't have much flexibility with my schedule.

I was planning on taking the shortest trip at the time which went through Seattle or Portland, layover in NRT and then on to Hong Kong. I would have chosen the Detroit to Hong Kong flight but it either wasn't running when I need it or the fare was too expensive at the time.

I realized that every flight I was looking at was going through Tokyo and landing at 11PM Tuesday night. Either way I would miss work on Monday (international dateline means you are "leaving" later than your origin time in local time), so taking an inefficient route would still get me in Hong Kong at the same time, it just meant that I was in the air for longer than I was sitting in an airport terminal. Not everybody would agree with me but I would rather be on an airplane than sitting in a terminal any day. I ended up taking a flight to JFK and then on to NRT, with the NRT-HKG flight putting me there at 11PM, just as the shorter flights through the west would have. I also picked up just over 20k MQM rather than the 15k I would have got otherwise.