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Getting to HKG in one stop It's not as easy to get to Hong Kong from Salt Lake as it was back in the days with the direct flight between SLC and NRT (Tokyo). If that route wasn't available (or it was too expensive) you always had the option of flying to Detroit and taking a nonstop to HKG. No more - there is no way (that I know of) to get to Hong Kong now from Utah with less than two stops (flying Delta).

Shortest route
You probably want to get to Hong Kong as quickly as possible; this gives you four primary options: connecting through Los Angeles (LAX), San Francisco (SFO), Portland (PDX) or Seattle (SEA). After taking a flight to any of these destinations you can fly to Tokyo and finish up with a short 5-hour flight to Hong Kong.

If you can choose between any of these airports I would suggest LAX since they usually fly a Boeing 777-200LR, a larger, more comfortable plane than the equipment flying out of San Fran, Portland or Seattle.

Maximizing mileage
If you aren't concerned with how long you travel, prefer to take larger aircraft and are trying to rack up MQM's you want to look at a layover in Minneapolis (MSP), Detroit (DTW), New York (JFK) or Atlanta (ATL). If you are trying to get into Shanghai or Beijing you can catch a direct flight from JFK on a partner airline (China Eastern).

Obviously the best way to go if you are trying to maximize mileage is through JFK. An economy flight to Hong Kong from Salt Lake routed through JFK and Tokyo will net you around 21k base miles (MQM, 31.5k MQM's if you buy an M-fare ticket or higher).

If you are trying to find the best price-per-mile you really need to be using ITA matrix. You cannot book flights directly through ITA but you can figure out what days, schedules and fares work for you and then it's pretty easy to book it through