SLC Traveler

Using ITA for Mileage Running

Quick reference (advanced routing codes)
/ airlines dl (sets it to only search for Delta flights)
/ alliance skyteam (only searches for flights in the skyteam alliance)
f bc=m (forces M-fare) This one requires that you have already specified an airline or alliance (above). Also, use a ; before starting this query. Here is an example: / airlines dl; f bc=m
bc=m|bc=b|bc=y Use in the same way above to specify that you are interested in any upgradable fare class (be sure that the results you find aren't more expensive than having booked directly into the business class cabin)

What is it?
Google's ITA Matrix is the tool that professional travel agents use to find complicated itineraries that work together. It might seem weird that Google owns a tool for travel planning but travel planning is a giant math problem and who better to figure out how to develop and commercialize a tool that fixes this?

You don't need the same version of ITA matrix that the professionals use and the good news is that the basic version of the Matrix (which provides all of the functionality a mileage runner should need) is free. Play around with it using the advanced codes mentioned above and you will be a convert soon.

Price per miles
When you get to a results page and see flights sorted by price you are probably wondering which flight will give you the best bang for the buck. Either hold down the shift key while you click on the "price" column. This option will stick so you probably won't have to change this again (unless you get a new computer or clear out your cache). Some browsers are tricky so you can also just click on this link one time and it should work for you on all future searches.